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Counseling Therapy

How to select a Therapist

One will come across a lot of different degrees and titles when one starts looking for psychological services. Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), or Marriage, Family, and Child Counselors (MFCC) are some of the titles you will see.

Selecting a professional that is most qualified to provide the best services that you need can be a very confusing task. All these professionals have different education and training which equips them to provide specific services. For example, it may serve you better to see a Psychologist or a Marriage and Family Therapist depending upon your needs and unique situation.

Also, keep in mind that the term "therapist" is a title that is not associated with any particular training or education. A lot of different health professionals refer to themselves as a Therapist. However, remember that only people with appropriate education, training and licensure can refer to themselves as psychologists.

We have listed below the main differences among mental health professions and hope that this information will help you choose the best professional based on your needs. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions

Main Differences Among Mental Health Professions: