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Dr. Sarika Garga

Hi, My name is Sarika Garga and I specialize in conducting comprehensive Psychological, Psycho-Educational and Developmental Assessments. I perform evaluations that focus on Learning Disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Behavioral Problems.

I also provide Therapy for Children, Adolescents, Adults and Families along with "Parent Support & Training" and Academic consultation. I have extensive experience in attending IEP & MDT Meetings and making Recommendations for Special Education, IEPIndividualized Education Program developed by school to meet specific requirements of children. and 504 planDocument specifying reasonable accommodations made by school to help children with disabilities..

During the sessions, I explain the evaluation findings and recommendations to parents and professionals in a non-technical & easily understood language. I address behavioral difficulties in children with an integrated behavioral/family focused approach. I enjoy working with school age children and young adults.

I am currently credentialed as a "Licensed Clinical Psychologist" in VA and as "Licensed Psychologist" in Washington DC. I completed my Doctorate in Psychology (Ph.D.) with a Master's degree in Psychology (MA), and a Masters in Philosophy (M.Phil).

During the course of my career, I conducted research on Women in Traditional and Non-traditional Careers, Visually Handicapped Adolescent Girls, Early Interventions for Pre-school Aged Children, their parents and teachers . During my post-doctoral work, I worked with Washington DC Public Schools children from pre-school to senior high school age, dealing with Developmental Issues, Educational Difficulties and Emotional and Behavioral Challenges.